Jedi Benefactor Redesign.

After testing a prototype of the original Jedi concept, we decided to go in a different direction with it. Somehow in practice that design looked more Star Trek than Star Wars, and we wouldn’t want anyone confusing that, so after a couple of weeks of iterations, we’ve come up with a design that is more like a duster. Slightly short of knee length with a high split for the tails [for leg mobility], and the wide sleeve base used in our Harrier design, since that is the most mobile sleeve design we’ve come up with yet. 

For the fun of it I’ve mocked up a few color schemes this time. The Apprentice didn’t suit the clients sense of style; he wanted something a little darker overall, hence the Sand Raider pallet of the second image. Last time we posted the Jedi there were many requests for more Red in the Sith pallet, and thus by popular demand it has been done.

Since this jacket is more of a duster it has gained a sort of bounty hunter feeling to it, which is what spawned the last color scheme—inspired by the legendary Boba Fett. I think it looks good, but it isn’t great. Maybe that just means we need to do a full Fett redesign.

So what do you think of this design, either on it’s own merit or in comparison to the first concept?

Here’s another Benefactor design, nearing finalization.

Some of you may recognize this since it is based on the Dr Doom design I drew back when I started this blog [1, 2]. The client who is commissioning the design often wears a sling bag over his right shoulder, which is why the right side is padded, and also why I’ve included the straps over the left shoulder as a way of balancing the look.

Above all he wanted something that would be practical and fit in with his everyday accoutrements, so this design also includes a rain flap on the back to provide additional protection from the elements.

The only thing we’re hung up on is the color choice. I’ve mocked up these four options based on our discussions, but he still can’t decide which one he likes best. Each of the options is named in the image caption [if you click on it], which one do you like best?

After we first posted the Cyborg Ronin sketch we got a bunch of requests for what it would look like as full cyborg, so I did a quick photoshop job and made a full cyborg and no cyborg version. 

So, do you like it?

Kamen Rider Wizard.

The 3rd Benefactor sketch we’re posting, inspired by Kamen Rider Wizard. The benefactor in question wanted a removable hood and removable tails. Since the source material was somewhat flamboyant, we simplified it down to clean lines, but we feel like it still has the flavor.

What do you think?

Jetstream Sam.

This is the second Benefactor sketch we’re posting, inspired but Jetsream Sam from Metal Gear Rising. We wanted to work in the idea of half cyborg, half muscle suit, so there’s a raglan sleeve on one side and a set-in style on the other. The design also includes some of the current concepts we are working on for the Samurai, in keeping with Sam’s character.

This is also Willow’s first full concept for a Volante Design product. She has been an integral part of every part of our growth, not to mention she has taken part in concept creation for every design up until this point, and I’m excited to have her contribute her own ideas to our portfolio. 

Our Benefactor who requested this design would love to see it available to the public, and we’re considering whether you all would like to see that. We’re thinking it could be called the Cyborg Ronin. Thoughts?

Jedi Variant

This was done alongside designing the Ninja, and the two influenced eachother. We’ve been working on our Benefactor designs lately, and this was born from a request for a practical Jedi outfit. Something that you wouldn’t have to take off before engaging in a lightsaber duel.

So these are some of the sketches that came out of that conversation. We’ll be making one custom for our benefactor, but then we may release something like it in the future, if there seems to be a demand.

EDIT: Added a Sith variation for y’all.


The Ninja: concept art.

We’ve teased at this design since NYCC, and it’s been through a ton of iterations since then, levels upon levels of refinement, and we are happy to present it to you now.

The Ninja and the Samurai are built from a unifying concept: a base layer, and a top layer vest designed to fit with the base and offer increased protection without hindering movement. Consider it a jacket with an armor upgrade designed specifically for that jacket. Hence we have the Ninja with the ability to upgrade to Shinobi, and the Samurai with the Shogun upgrade. 

The Ninja/Shinobi is the lighter of the two, the base layer being a sort of mix between a sweatshirt hoodie and a cardigan, and the top layer being a mid-weight cotton vest, sturdy and agile. The Ninja is also planned to feature a magnetic closure for the mask part of the hood, for ease of use.

We have designed two versions of the Ninja [long and short], and two versions of the Shinobi [gi-style Eri collar, and tall full collar]. Which styles do you like better?

I think I made this post a little confusing by even mentioning the Samurai and Shogun ideas. I haven’t drawn those concepts yet at all, but I plan on doing so over the next week or two. In the meantime, for fun I’m adding some photos of the earliest prototype. Keep in mind these are early prototypes, not using final design, or materials. Beyond that they are blurry, but you get the idea of how magnets could be used.

This version of magnets was difficult for the washing machine, mostly because the magnets were in a plastic sleeve which, although it made it easier to sew them in, also melted in the dryer..


Today is full of updates. I have been so busy lately, I haven’t had the time or space to actually do some sketching. But a few days ago this idea popped into my head and I just couldn’t deny it.

Removable hood, designed to have the look of Megaman’s helmet, but still be at least somewhat wearable in public (this was hard to accomplish, but at least it’s removable so you don’t have to wear it). Yellow zipper on the sleeve cuff as a call to Mega’s buster arm light panel.

This is just a sketch, who knows if it’ll ever become a jacket.

What do you think, should I start hounding Capcom for the licensing rights to make it?

The Eagle.

All four color schemes currently available at

The Demon Killer: Back View

Originally the hood was going to be sewn into a seam halfway up the collar, and then I had an epiphany: same design, but with a hidden zipper, so that the hood can be removable.

So what you are seeing here is a collar with a panel that hides a zipper. When the hood is attached, the collar effectively becomes the lower half of the hood, which folds up along with the rest of the hood (as shown in the bottom row). This means that in wind and rain when you want a hood and a popped collar, you get that in one motion, and the hood and collar don’t get in each other’s way and bunch up at the back of the neck.

I’m personally very pleased with this design, and excited to start producing it after we’ve reopened orders. Updates on that front are coming very soon.

Just a little sneak peak at a design I’ve been playing around with in my spare time.
I know this blog has been somewhat quiet lately, since we’ve been so busy trying to catch up, and preparing to move into a new, much larger studio. So I’m sorry, and I promise, we’ve got some big stuff coming up real soon, and it’s going to be fantastic.
#Pirassin. #Assassirate. #Edward Stabbyhands.
I dunno, anyway, this sketch is a long way from being done. More updates soon.

Just a little sneak peak at a design I’ve been playing around with in my spare time.

I know this blog has been somewhat quiet lately, since we’ve been so busy trying to catch up, and preparing to move into a new, much larger studio. So I’m sorry, and I promise, we’ve got some big stuff coming up real soon, and it’s going to be fantastic.

#Pirassin. #Assassirate. #Edward Stabbyhands.

I dunno, anyway, this sketch is a long way from being done. More updates soon.

I’ve been revisiting the Journey designs, polishing them up. Changed the hood design slightly, so that it’s slightly more winterized, and more evocative of the wayfarers.

I haven’t redrawn the scarf yet, but don’t worry, it will be a part of the final design.

The Redcoat.

Here’s the womens version of the Redcoat design I posted yesterday. The two designs are based on the same principles, except that this one has a more feminine shape. The mens version will not have the pleats, but will have similar lines, albeit more masculine.

The Redcoat.

Something I got the inspiration for months ago, and finally got overwhelmed with the need to draw it this week. I don’t know if we’ll ever make it, but I just had to draw it.

I’m still working on the womens version, which unlike most of the rest of my designs has a significantly different cut, although it is based on the same concepts.

If I had my way, both coats would be wool, or something similarly soft and wrinkle free, to help promote the clean line feeling of the design.

All images and designs are copyright Volante Design 2013.

PS: This has nothing to do with that other thing I have been hinting at for the last few days. I should have more news on that fron by the end of the week.

The Demon Killer.

New trench coat design based on Dante from Devil May Cry. I’ve always wanted to design a Dante coat, as I’ve been playing the series since the first game came out. With the newest installment coming out soon, I thought the time was right.

Simple, straightforward, but with pinch of ostentatious thrown in and a Volante twist. The hood will be sewn in to the collar so that when the hood is raised, the collar goes with it, referencing the old Dante tall collar look. [read: DMC2]

It will also be water resistant, with wide-based shoulder epaulettes to help give extra protection from the elements to the tops of your shoulders.

I will be posting detailed sketches about how I see the rest of the jacket being constructed at some point.