Update #2: What happens now that we’ve reached our goal?

Volante Design’s indiegogo.

$15,000 was just the beginning. That was set as our goal because that is the bare minimum we needed to take this next step. Now that we are there, we can start working toward the fun stuff; the things that will really set us apart from other businesses.

If you’ve been following the campaign, you already know that we are raising money to be able to purchase software that is optimized for clothing pattern design. You also know that the 15k we’ve raised so far will fund the basic 2D Computer Assisted Design, or CAD, aspect of the program, and that the next step is some sort of 3D extension to the software. 

But what you might not understand yet is how the 3D software will affect Volante Design.

Basically, For Us:

3D rendered prototypes! - Rather than have to go through the process of making a pattern, cutting it out, cutting the fabric, sewing, and so on, we can make a pattern that will be automatically rendered as a 3D model (with fabric physics). This will save us a LOT of time, and allow us to make more new designs.

Real time pattern adjustment! - We’ll be able to change the pattern and immediately see a 3D model reflecting those changes.

The two of those combined with the software we can afford now will allow us to change existing patterns much more quickly, speeding up workflow and helping us not waste time drawing on/cutting out more paper.

Basically, For You:

More new designs, faster than we’ve been able to before!

Easier to do experimental customization!

Better, more accurate custom fits!

We can be faster overall!

Stronger clothes, thanks to real time stress maps!

Want to know more?

It’s quite simple; the extended software will allow us to create 3D virtual prototypes of each of our garments. As a small company, we run into the problem of not having the resources or workers to create new prototypes, because they are too busy working on current orders. With virtual prototyping, we can make tweaks and adjustments and be able to see what difference those changes will make, without having to put a hold on production.

There is a video on the Optitex main page that shows some of the advantages of having the full software package. Be forewarned, the video is done in the cheesiest way possible, but it gets the point across.


More important than that is how it will affect the Volante Design customer experience.

Imagine this:

An online store with the capability of showing you what you would actually look like in a particular garment.

Take, for example, the Kenway Jacket. Say you wanted to buy the Kenway, but didn’t know which size would fit you best. Optitex is currently working on a system which will be able to be implemented in a webstore that will allow you to input your measurements, and the system will create a 3D avatar that fits those measurements. You would then be able to take your avatar and apply the Kenway to it. If you apply the size Large Kenway to it, the program will simulate how that size jacket would fit you. If it looks like that size isn’t right, you can try on a different size.

Essentially what we are talking about is a virtual dressing room. Optitex has a basic mockup of how this might work on their site. Since the dressing room isn’t quite ready yet, it does not support clothing sizes or colors yet, but again, it gets the point across.

Take a look at it here: Virtual Dressing Room Mockup

And that’s just for the webstore! 

We also do a great deal of custom design and creations. With the virtual prototyping, we would be able to give our custom design clients a simulated prototype before cutting fabric, so that adjustments can be made without wasting time and materials.

And then there’s color choices…

Volante Design prides itself in offering multiple color options for each of it’s garments. The trouble we come to currently is that it can be difficult to visualize a color scheme for a particular jacket without seeing it. Virtual prototyping will enable us to create 3D versions of each of the main color schemes, as well as custom color schemes on the fly. So you’ll never have to wonder if a purple and yellow Modern Assassin Armor will actually look good. 

It totally would, by the way.

That’s it for now. The next goal [‘C’ above] is set for 25k. When we reach that, there will be another explanation for what comes after it. Keep sharing and helping in any way you can. 

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