Volante Design Launches An indiegogo Campaign! →

Help us take the next step to becoming a leading clothing company.


We’ve come a long way, making patterns by hand, cutting and taping tiny pieces of paper together, spending as much time adding seam allowance as it does to design the pattern in the first place. But if we want to keep up with the demand for our wares, we need to step up our game, and streamline the pattern design process. And to do that, we need to make the jump to digital.

Unfortunately, digital pattern-making software is expensive, and we don’t have the base capital needed to purchase it outright. Raising this money is going to be necessary to get the next phase of Volante Design off the ground. And the best part is, this phase is just a gateway to the future. There is so much we can do once we have the ability to release new designs more quickly. This is where you come in!

Help us out by clicking the link above and donating a few dollars. Think about it this way: the Volante Design blog has about 5,500 followers. If 5,000 followers each gave $5, we would raise $25,000, which would cover not only the bare minimum we need, but also enable us to purchase the full software upgrade. So even if you only have a few dollars to contribute, everything helps.

We also have some pretty awesome perks available for those who donate, including becoming a VIP, which gives you some say in what designs go up for development, as well as custom artwork, custom garments, and more.

Following this post will be another explaining in full detail what funds we need to raise, and why each thing is important.

Please share this post, and the indiegogo page with anyone you can, we love your support, and with you we really think we can raise the funds we need.


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