Merry Christmas, Happy New Year…

In the spirit of the holiday, I’ve decided to make you something. Sorry I didn’t have time to wrap it, In fact it’s nearly midnight where I am, so I cutting it close.

Volante Design, and more specifically me, Enzo, has opened a new blog to run along side this ‘official’ one. The new blog is called Volante Inspiration, and will serve as a place for me to share/reblog cool things, largely artwork and fashion related posts, that I find on tumblr and elsewhere. It will give me the opportunity to share things that, well, inspire me to create my designs. So if you want some insight into that sort of thing, please take a look.

If you like what you see, follow it, or not, either way I will still post on it. At first it will mostly be reblogs, but eventually I may use it to post work-in-progess shots, and rough sketches, and even perhaps some candid thoughts. I don’t know quite where it’ll go, only where it’s starting.

Happy Holidays all.


PS: There are some important updates coming up with the new year. We are working hard to get the initial run of Kenways out, as well as trying to get the future setup ready for launch, and we are likely going to need your help to do it. Keep an eye out over the next few days.

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