Ancestors: Kenway

At long last, here it is, the Kenway coat. Based on Connor Kenway’s revolutionary war regimental assassin coat. It sports turnback center panels with reversible zippers so it can be worn open or closed, as well as turnback tails which fasten at the back center, and can be unbuttoned and let to hang, for protection from the elements. Also includes a fitted, removable hood, and reversible epaulettes with the main color [white] on one side and the accent [blue] on the other.

Currently it is available with either a center zipper which folds back, or asymmetrical fastening, for a wider fold on the front panel. There will be more photos posted tomorrow to help describe the options. I also intend to design a shorter, waist-length version at a reduced cost, for those who don’t like to wear long coats, but I had to focus on this one first. Both will include two large outer pockets, and an inside breast pocket. Available with either high quality black plastic coat buttons, or brass half-dome buttons.

I tried to keep the price as low as possible, and the price I have decided on may turn out to be too low, but I will not know until I have made a few. I apologize in advance if I have to raise the price in the future.

Available to order for men and women. The overall design will not be different, only the tailoring will change. As always, can be ordered in virtually any combination of colors. Usually made of canvas or heavy weight denim, but can be ordered to preference.

Kenway Jacket - $345 USD

Orders are currently closed. Follow me here or at my store, for updates.

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