Happy April,

We are coming up on the 1 year birthday of Volante Design, Inc. To celebrate, as of right now, everything in our shop is 15% until the end of April. We are grateful to have made it though our first year! We couldn’t have done it without you!

There will also be two new designs for pre-order by the end of April: the Jackdaw [an as yet unannounced hoodie] and the Harrier coat.

You may also be interested to learn that all of our Birds of Prey jackets (the Kestrel, the Falcon, the Eagle, and even the Osprey) will be available as Made to Order products. They will be completely customizable, and custom sized. The stock is limited to a few of each, but we will replenish the stock as we send out completed jackets.

Thanks for helping us make it to the 1 year mark! and Thanks for your interest in Volante Design!

originalnamehere: Have you ever concidered doing designs from the world if inFAMOUS?

No, but I’d like to. I wouldn’t do something inspired by Delsin, since I feel like anyone can do it with a denim jacket from the salvation army and a can of spray paint, but I would love to make Cole’s jacket. Maybe someday.

The Demon Killer now available for pre-order in the Eclipse color scheme.

We realized we had a load of extra black fabric and thought you would love to see an Eclipse Demon Killer, so we’re adding it as an option.

We’ve also finally got pictures of the official fabrics for the Mercenary color scheme.

Go check it out: http://www.volantedesign.us/product/the-demon-killer/

We would love to make this jacket in both the men’s and women’s cut, but we currently have a low volume of women’s orders, so please share it around!

Kamen Rider Wizard.

The 3rd Benefactor sketch we’re posting, inspired by Kamen Rider Wizard. The benefactor in question wanted a removable hood and removable tails. Since the source material was somewhat flamboyant, we simplified it down to clean lines, but we feel like it still has the flavor.

What do you think?

Jetstream Sam.

This is the second Benefactor sketch we’re posting, inspired but Jetsream Sam from Metal Gear Rising. We wanted to work in the idea of half cyborg, half muscle suit, so there’s a raglan sleeve on one side and a set-in style on the other. The design also includes some of the current concepts we are working on for the Samurai, in keeping with Sam’s character.

This is also Willow’s first full concept for a Volante Design product. She has been an integral part of every part of our growth, not to mention she has taken part in concept creation for every design up until this point, and I’m excited to have her contribute her own ideas to our portfolio. 

Our Benefactor who requested this design would love to see it available to the public, and we’re considering whether you all would like to see that. We’re thinking it could be called the Cyborg Ronin. Thoughts?

The Revolutionary Eagle of Run 3 is running a little late


…along with a just a few other stragglers. They were shipped on time and should have arrived here last Friday, but have been delayed for various reasons including, but not limited to, the truck breaking down. Everything else from Run 3 shipped on time and look great. 

We will not be using this trucking service again. 

Sorry to those who have to wait a few extra days, but the truck should arrive today or tomorrow.

The remainder of the pre-ordered jackets from the current run arrived this morning and are being processed as I write this. Every open order [not including the Demon Killer, which is a few months off] will be shipped either today or tomorrow.

Again, we apologize for the delay, but at the same time we are excited that we were so close to being on schedule, and next time we will do even better!

So, the MegaJacket was successful and is going forward.

While we set up production of that jacket we’ve already started talking about where to go next. Any thoughts on what you might like to see us do next in partnership with CAPCOM?

Join the discussion on our Facebook page.

Now we have TWO hats.

Now we have TWO hats.


The MegaJacket teleports in!

Remember that sketch from a few months ago? Well it got the right person’s attention, and we were able to launch a partnership with Capcom’s merch team. After several prototype iterations, we are happy to present you this excellent jacket.

It’s available right now for pre-order in both Men’s and Women’s

The project will only be able to move forward if they hit their minimum by March 31st, so pass it around.

Use the promo code MEGA10 before March 31st to get $10 off your preorder.

I’m extremely excited about this project. MegaMan 3 was one of the first games I remember getting as a kid, and I’ve been into the series ever since. Beyond that, it is one of Volante Design’s goals to offer a wide selection of officially licensed redesigned apparel, and this is the first step to that goal. If this goes well, there is so much potential for great things to come.


Enzo and the Volante Team

We just want to give a final signal boost for the MegaJacket. Tomorrow (3/31) is the last day for pre-ordering the MegaJacket. After that, orders will close, and the only other place you will be able to get this jacket will be at SDCC 2014, but availability will be limited so get yours now before the stock is locked in!

littlemissmetamorph: Just saw your cool design for the ninja jacket with the magnets on the high collar. Just a note...If those are rather powerful magnets, anything electronic near those magnets could be damaged, like bluetooth ear pieces and suchlike. Even a weak magnet can damage certain electronics ( eg a magnetic clasp on a wallet can wipe a credit card chip) I've used very powerful magnets in some costumes ive made and i have to be careful not to get anything electronic near them in case

This thought had occurred to me, although I wanted to try it anyway. But your ask got me second guessing myself, so I did some research. It turns out that the magnets we would use will be more or less completely safe for most electronics. Cell phones are safe from all but extremely powerful magnets, and even then it is long exposure that would do serious damage, but these are not that powerful. Of course if we use magnets there will be a disclaimer and links to sources showing the potential dangers, but if it helps ease your concern, here is the information I am judging by: http://www.supermagnete.de/eng/faq/What-is-the-safe-distance-that-I-need-to-keep-to-my-devices

The magnets we are looking into fall in between the last two columns of the neodymium magnet table. Beyond that there will be layers of fabric to weaken the magnetic field.

Jedi Variant

This was done alongside designing the Ninja, and the two influenced eachother. We’ve been working on our Benefactor designs lately, and this was born from a request for a practical Jedi outfit. Something that you wouldn’t have to take off before engaging in a lightsaber duel.

So these are some of the sketches that came out of that conversation. We’ll be making one custom for our benefactor, but then we may release something like it in the future, if there seems to be a demand.

EDIT: Added a Sith variation for y’all.

the-fashionable-assassin: Is there any way to make small fabric sleeves for the magnets? That way you can still sew them in and they would be unaffected by hot water washes or dryers. It could be labor intensive but ultimately more cost effective than purchasing them in such a state. I picture a square of little magnet raviolis.... two rows of stitching in a grid pattern so you can cut between them and separate them. Once the magnets are sewn in, if the original threads unravel it won't matter anyway.

This was exactly my thought, I have to do some research into how efficient it would really be, but I think it will work. Cost is an issue though, since we want the Ninja to be one of our more affordable designs, so we’ll be trying out a variety of solutions. Magnet ravioli… I like it.


The Ninja: concept art.

We’ve teased at this design since NYCC, and it’s been through a ton of iterations since then, levels upon levels of refinement, and we are happy to present it to you now.

The Ninja and the Samurai are built from a unifying concept: a base layer, and a top layer vest designed to fit with the base and offer increased protection without hindering movement. Consider it a jacket with an armor upgrade designed specifically for that jacket. Hence we have the Ninja with the ability to upgrade to Shinobi, and the Samurai with the Shogun upgrade. 

The Ninja/Shinobi is the lighter of the two, the base layer being a sort of mix between a sweatshirt hoodie and a cardigan, and the top layer being a mid-weight cotton vest, sturdy and agile. The Ninja is also planned to feature a magnetic closure for the mask part of the hood, for ease of use.

We have designed two versions of the Ninja [long and short], and two versions of the Shinobi [gi-style Eri collar, and tall full collar]. Which styles do you like better?

I think I made this post a little confusing by even mentioning the Samurai and Shogun ideas. I haven’t drawn those concepts yet at all, but I plan on doing so over the next week or two. In the meantime, for fun I’m adding some photos of the earliest prototype. Keep in mind these are early prototypes, not using final design, or materials. Beyond that they are blurry, but you get the idea of how magnets could be used.

This version of magnets was difficult for the washing machine, mostly because the magnets were in a plastic sleeve which, although it made it easier to sew them in, also melted in the dryer..

The Harrier: concept sketch

This is one of our upcoming additions to the Birds of Prey collection. Inspired by the Harrier Hawk, specifically the African variety, with style drawn from fashions of late 18th century France, during the French Revolution.

The cowl in the first two sketches is removable, we’ve been playing with the concept of modular designs and are planning to have the cowl also fit with some of our new designs, and well as possibly old ones, like the Eagle.

I’m also considering attempting to make the tails removable, via a hidden zipper. This could add a lot of cost, or be difficult to make work well, so for now it’s just a concept, and we’ll be updating you on it as it makes it’s way through development.

The women’s version will be similar, but cut to fit. It might feature cinching straps on the side panels to help fit a wider variety of body shapes, if we can make it also look great.

Those are our thoughts; what do you think, would you like to see this released this year?

ajpocken: Have you thought about doing anything for popular anime? Something from Neon Genesis Evangelion or Attack on Titan or something?

I’ve been watching Soul Eater, and thinking about a hooded vest based on Medusa, and maybe a Death the Kid style blazer. We also have a few designs from the classics, like Speed Racer, Akira, and Redline [which isn’t a classic yet, but should be] that we might develop further.

Eva would be ridiculous, but could be fun.

SNK is cosplayed so often I feel like there might be a lack of demand, but who am I to know. Should we do something inspired by Attack on Titan?