The Jackdaw now available!

Today Volante Design, Inc. turns 1 year old!

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been having a big birthday sale, which is still up until the end of of April.

Now on to the matter at hand:

We are pleased to add a lighter item to our Birds of Prey collection. We set out to make a zip-up hoodie that was made in the US, for daily wear, that would be comfortable and look great. 

What we’ve developed is a comfortable, yet distinguished sweatshirt that fits into the Birds of Prey look. It is 100% cotton, prewashed, preshrunk, and made to last.

It is ideal for breezy summer nights, fresh spring days, and as an under-layer during cooler months.

Go check it out, at $95 it is our most affordable piece of clothing yet, and well worth it.

You can pre-order yours now at 

We may have gone a little overboard listing the features of this sweatshirt on the product page, but what can I say, we’re proud of this hoodie.

With this release we are adding a new size to our selection, 3XL. 

timetravelleretc: I was recently browsing assassin's creed jackets on etsy, and happened to find one that was being shown with pictures from a run you did back in September 2012. So naturally I was wondering, are these actually anything to do with you, or are they a cheaper knock off just being sold under your images? Also, if the Harrier coat is released for pre-order by the end of April, will it be part of the sale too? Thanks.

The Harrier will go on a brief sale when it is released, but I am not certain it will make the end of April. I am working hard on the prototypes, but I want to be certain it gets as much attention to design as our other products.

As for the knock offs, there are loads of them, all over the place. They are invariably terrible, as some of our customers have attested on our FB page and in reviews on our shop. If you want an idea of what the knock-offs look like in comparison with photos of the first Kenway prototypem take a look at this post:

Keep in mind that prototype was made before I owned an industrial sewing machine, or pattern design software, and I was still running the business out of a 7’x9’ spare bedroom.

After we first posted the Cyborg Ronin sketch we got a bunch of requests for what it would look like as full cyborg, so I did a quick photoshop job and made a full cyborg and no cyborg version. 

So, do you like it?

TEASER: The Pinion Mantle [working title]

This new product will be released alongside the Harrier, but as a separate product and part of the Gear collection. It’s designed to be natively compatible with both the upcoming Harrier design, and our Eagle [shown above], attaching to the front buttons—but it will also be wearable with any of our other designs, details to come.

It is made from high quality waxed canvas, making it completely waterproof, and the perfect addition to your jacket, whether you’re on the high seas, or just walking to work in the rain.

Download the image as a wallpaper to remind you of awesome things to come. [Original background can be found here]

Gilded 17” Messengers now available for pre-order!

That is to say, these 4 new color schemes, 3 of which are gilded with a rich thread [the same used in our Gilded Onyx Eagle] are up for pre-order. We’ve officially run out of 17” bags, and thought it was high time to restock.

Pre-order now to take advantage of our 1-Year-Old Sale of 15% off. These bags will ship in early June!

Check it out right here:

konataism: So, I was looking at your sizing chart and either im not measuring myself right or i'm slightly too big for even your biggest coat. I'm really wanting to get an eagle model but i dont know if i should, i've been losing weight recently but is there anything you could say in regards to how the sizing actually works? Most of my coats that I currently have are 2XL size (not including suits/overcoats) and they fit just fine.

Our sizing is somewhat different from basic standard sizing other companies use. Our medium is more or less accurate, but the extremity sizes don’t tend to correspond. We are actually rewroking our sizing system as I write this. As of the next released jacket, sizing will be named based on chest measurement, rather than the ambiguous S-M-L nomenclature. Additionally we are going to include a size up from our current largest, which will be another 2 inch step up.

We currently have a relatively full stock of the jackets we’ve released before now, including the Eagle, so it doesn’t look like we’ll do another run of those until maybe later this year, whenever it seems like we are running low. But we are releasing several new designs in the next few months, and maybe there will be something in those that suits your fancy.

Hope this helps!


Shipping options slightly fixed..

For some reason our UPS calculator stopped working, so we’ve enabled flat rate shipping until we can get the problem fixed. Enjoy!


The Commodore.

This is an early prototype variation on the Eagle design. We’ve removed the tails and the hood and given it a new set of epaulettes, as well as a new accent to the back of the design. We’re still working on it and have a few ideas for further variation, but largely the concept was born from a great number of requests for a shorter version of the Eagle. What do you think?

pullingawaythespooks: I was totally planning to get the Kestrel but for some reason the 15% off isn't showing up. Is it only for certain coats?

It should be working for all jackets. I just emptied the site cache and retested it. Looks like everything is in order.

Happy April,

We are coming up on the 1 year birthday of Volante Design, Inc. To celebrate, as of right now, everything in our shop is 15% until the end of April. We are grateful to have made it though our first year! We couldn’t have done it without you!

There will also be two new designs for pre-order by the end of April: the Jackdaw [an as yet unannounced hoodie] and the Harrier coat.

You may also be interested to learn that all of our Birds of Prey jackets (the Kestrel, the Falcon, the Eagle, and even the Osprey) will be available as Made to Order products. They will be completely customizable, and custom sized. The stock is limited to a few of each, but we will replenish the stock as we send out completed jackets.

Thanks for helping us make it to the 1 year mark! and Thanks for your interest in Volante Design!

originalnamehere: Have you ever concidered doing designs from the world if inFAMOUS?

No, but I’d like to. I wouldn’t do something inspired by Delsin, since I feel like anyone can do it with a denim jacket from the salvation army and a can of spray paint, but I would love to make Cole’s jacket. Maybe someday.

The Demon Killer now available for pre-order in the Eclipse color scheme.

We realized we had a load of extra black fabric and thought you would love to see an Eclipse Demon Killer, so we’re adding it as an option.

We’ve also finally got pictures of the official fabrics for the Mercenary color scheme.

Go check it out:

We would love to make this jacket in both the men’s and women’s cut, but we currently have a low volume of women’s orders, so please share it around!

Kamen Rider Wizard.

The 3rd Benefactor sketch we’re posting, inspired by Kamen Rider Wizard. The benefactor in question wanted a removable hood and removable tails. Since the source material was somewhat flamboyant, we simplified it down to clean lines, but we feel like it still has the flavor.

What do you think?

Jetstream Sam.

This is the second Benefactor sketch we’re posting, inspired but Jetsream Sam from Metal Gear Rising. We wanted to work in the idea of half cyborg, half muscle suit, so there’s a raglan sleeve on one side and a set-in style on the other. The design also includes some of the current concepts we are working on for the Samurai, in keeping with Sam’s character.

This is also Willow’s first full concept for a Volante Design product. She has been an integral part of every part of our growth, not to mention she has taken part in concept creation for every design up until this point, and I’m excited to have her contribute her own ideas to our portfolio. 

Our Benefactor who requested this design would love to see it available to the public, and we’re considering whether you all would like to see that. We’re thinking it could be called the Cyborg Ronin. Thoughts?

The Revolutionary Eagle of Run 3 is running a little late


…along with a just a few other stragglers. They were shipped on time and should have arrived here last Friday, but have been delayed for various reasons including, but not limited to, the truck breaking down. Everything else from Run 3 shipped on time and look great. 

We will not be using this trucking service again. 

Sorry to those who have to wait a few extra days, but the truck should arrive today or tomorrow.

The remainder of the pre-ordered jackets from the current run arrived this morning and are being processed as I write this. Every open order [not including the Demon Killer, which is a few months off] will be shipped either today or tomorrow.

Again, we apologize for the delay, but at the same time we are excited that we were so close to being on schedule, and next time we will do even better!