Now Available! The Osprey.

These will ship immediately, order now to have it by Oct 30th.

Inspired by early 18th century naval uniform and the sea-faring bird of prey from which it gets its name, the Osprey is an ideal choice for adventure on the high seas or in the alleys of coastal towns.

The latest among the Birds of Prey, this new jacket sports accents on the shoulders, cuffs, and front, giving you the air of a captain of a naval vessel. The main body and hood is constructed of a strong denim, with the cuffs and shoulders made of waxed canvas, keeping your forearms and top line dry. Sturdy, comfortable, and commanding, the Osprey is a welcome addition to the repertoire of Volante Design.

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adreamoralie: Hey, I feel like I've missed something here - I ordered my Eagle on August 4th and still haven't received it yet. I don't know if I was pushed to 1.5 or something, but it's getting worrying, coz I invested a lot of money into your amazing work and have yet to see anything come from it. If the orders have been pushed back again I understand, I'm just wondering if there's something I've missed in this understandably long process. Thanks in advance for any answer!

Check your order, if the SKU on the product you ordered has three numerals (eg. ‘105’) then you are in Run 1.5. If your SKU has only two numerals at the end (eg. ‘05’) you are in Run 1. All of the jackets from Run 1 have shipped, most of them shipped out last Monday, and a handful went out this passed Monday.

I hope this helps to clarify.

We are back!

NYCC took a lot out of us. It was 4 days of complete madness. If you were able to drop by and say hello, you probably had the chance to witness us in action. We had 5 people running the booth on Thursday and Friday, and 7 for Saturday and Sunday, and we all worked full days. It was extremely fun and exciting to put people in our jackets and get their direct feedback. We were able to learn a great deal from the experience about what works, what doesn’t, how we can improve the fit and feel of the product, and what we can do better at future conventions. 

Now that we’re back, we’ll be starting to put our the fires, answer emails from the last two weeks that have been waiting patiently in our inbox. In the meantime we are going to try and answer some of the big questions you’ve been asking in email, Facebook and tumblr asks right here on the blog.

First things first: Eagle Run 1.5

The feedback we received from the Kestrel tipped us off to a possible need to adjust our sizes. So we decided to wait until after con before placing the final order for the 1.5. This turned out to be a great idea, I was able to learn a great deal about our fit and how our sizes need to be adjusted for a more comfortable fit. We are incredibly sorry about the delay, but we can promise you that it will have been very much worth it. Wen are also looking into order fulfillment companies that operate closer to our manufacturer, which will greatly decrease the shipping time. I’m waiting on an ETA from the manufacturer, but they know that you have been waiting for a long time and are doing their best to complete the order as quickly as possible.

I feel like that update is the most important to get out of the way. We are in the process of writing a FAQ post to answer the major questions regarding the current run of jackets in our shop. As well as a post that will further explain the features of the Falcon design and the differences between the Men’s and Women’s version of that design.

Keep an eye out for news and updates, as well as feature posts showcasing the prototypes we had with us at NYCC: the Ninja, the Samurai, and the two variants of the Demon Killer design.



ALERT: The Kestrel and the Eagle have been spotted!

The Kestrel and Eagle make their fall 2013 debut and are now available! They come in men’s and women’s cuts in seven sizes.  The following color schemes are available for the Kestrel:

  • Byzantine Red – light grey with red accents
  • Obsidian – black with grey accents

The following color schemes are available for the Eagle:

  • Gold Eagle -  Brown with red accents and brown thread
  • Saint - Black with purple accents and silver thread
  • Spartan - Sage with black accents and black thread
  • Eclipse - All black with charcoal thread

A note about the Eagle product page: as the Volante Design team was gearing up for NYCC, there was not enough time to take pictures of the new color schemes.  The first few pictures, including the one posted above, are drawings to demonstrate the new colors, and the remaining pictures are present to show how the actual jacket looks.  The design of the jacket has not changed – we are merely offering different colors for the current run of Eagles.  We apologize for any confusion, and as soon as the team returns, we will update the page with actual pictures of the new color options.

All orders for the current run of Kestrel and Eagle will ship on December 10th.  For a full description and purchasing go to:


The Falcon has arrived. 

We are proud to present the latest in Volante Design’s birds of prey.  Equip this jacket, and conquer your day with finesse and grace.

The Falcon is available in men’s and women’s cuts in seven sizes.  A note on sizes: please see our measurement chart before making purchases.  Volante Design makes jackets in slightly smaller cuts than the average clothing retailer, and as such we want our customers to confirm that they fit to ensure they get the right product. 

The following color schemes are available:

·         Spartan – sage with black accents and black thread

·         Black Garnet – black with red accents and red thread

·         Gunmetal Red – graphite with gunmetal and red accents and red thread

·         Gunmetal Gold – graphite with gunmetal and gold accents and gold thread

All orders for the Falcon will ship on December 10thFor a full description and purchasing go to:

zac-km: So what happened to the Falcon update today? Did something go wrong? I was/am super excited for it so any news would be fantastic.

We have exactly One Million [probably including individual stitches] things on our plate that have to get done within the next 24 hours before we head off to NYCC. The Falcon didn’t make the cut yesterday, but I’m currently finishing up the last of the images and will be posting the Falcon in the next couple of hours.

Sneak Peak 3: The Falcon

Shown is a prototype of the 3rd color scheme: Gunmetal Gold

Actual colors are subject to change slightly, but the intent of this prototype is to give an idea of our goal. There are 3 colors involved, Dark gray and darker gray as the main and secondary with gold accents and thread.

- -

Also, meet Daniel, a somewhat honorary member of the Volante crew. He’ll be there at NYCC helping run the booth. Daniel’s been on the sidelines advising and brainstorming since before Volante Design was even considering coming into existence. He’s a nice guy.

With regard to the ‘New’ store…

The site is up again!  As you scroll through the site, you may notice that everything pretty much looks the same, albeit with an awesome new page for the Messenger.  The site is in fact the same as the old one!  It turns out that there were far too many kinks to work out that we were not ready for the launch of the new site. We’re sticking with the old one for now, so as to ensure a smooth NYCC and post-NYCC business experience with our customers.  Once we’ve got the new site to a point where we have it fully functional and are comfortable with our understanding of the inner mechanisms of the store, we will switch to that.  Keep your eyes out for the new store come the New Year!

The Messenger has arrived! It will be available graphite and slate and in the reverse - slate with graphite accents.

Check it out!

PS: If you remember and are interested in the black/grey version we will be selling those at Con and in the following weeks in limited quantities. 

Sneak Peak 2: The Falcon

Slated for release on Monday the 7th of October. Shown are two of the 4 color schemes that will be available at launch:

Top - Gunmetal Red

Bottom - Spartan

The remaining color schemes are called Gunmetal Gold and Black Garnet, which will be similar to the Eagle color scheme of the same name. Images for those, as well as the womens version will be posted throughout the weekend.

Volante Design and the End of the Year: a novella

(scroll to the bottom for the TL;DR version)

In the coming week, our first runs of the Kestrel and the Eagle will be finished and sent out. Thousands of buttons are being put on as we speak. Hundreds of seams are being pressed and steamed so the jackets arrive crisp and ready to wear at your doorsteps. The Eagles are all moving forward as fast as possible. At this point they are out of our hands. Run 1.5 of the Eagle will ship out as fast as our manufacturers can make them. We expect 3-4 weeks since they now know exactly what it takes to produce that style.  It is difficult to wait for an unknown product and we understand that many of you are getting impatient, even chomping at the bit. We are also dying to get these coats to you. As you may know, the Eagle design has been a few years in the making. We’ve put a lot work into it. That said, we are really excited to be moving forward!

New York ComicCon has moved us to make some really fantastic new designs that we are very excited to show you. NYCC is a massive convention, and we expect a large amount of traffic over the weekend, both in person and on the website. As such we are moving to launch 4 products on our store before most of us leave for Con. As I write this we are preparing the first product to launch today, putting the finishing touches on the site, and cleaning up the last of the photos. 

We have some prototypes that are going to Con and images will go up for those around the time of Con or slightly after. These are the sort of ideas that drive us out of bed in the morning to design. It has been a hectic month at Volante Design but we think you’ll enjoy the fruits of our labor. 

The designs in order of appearance:

  • Today, October 4th: the Messenger for the first time
  • Monday October 7th: the Falcon for the first time
  • Wednesday October 9th: the Kestrel and Eagle will be re-released with all new colors for both designs

There will be a second debut of the Osprey at Con and we will have 120 total pieces available to purchase on the floor. These jackets are special edition and available only at NYCC 2013. We are unable to produce or sell this jacket again before 2014, if we decide to do further runs at all.

A note on timing- We have not always been at the top of our game at determining how fast something can get produced, but we are getting more realistic. 

The new runs that we are opening in October will all be delivered by December 15th at the absolute latest. This means that if you are hoping for a Volante Design item at your holiday celebration you should start thinking about ordering before November 15th. Hopefully, we will have several delivery dates before December, but we cannot predict how many sales we get, which will determine how many runs or shipment dates we can set. 

Thanks to everyone for supporting us, reading this, and being a part of our work. 

We can’t wait to hear what you think about the jackets that are currently in the mail!


The Volante Design Team


The 4 new products that will become available on our shop by Wednesday the 9th of Oct are the last products available before the holiday season. Orders will get sent on November 1st, which means after that we are unable to replenish stock in any size/color/cut variation if it runs out.

All orders placed on our store before December 1st will ship in early December. We know we haven’t been entirely punctual in the past, but we know how it all works now, and we are confidant we can make this guarantee.

Site Under Construction

Orders will be closed until we get the new store up. 

I know it may sound ridiculous, since the current store is only a few months old at this point, but we are looking for a more structurally sound ecommerce platform, and right now before we launch new items for con seemed like the perfect time to squeeze an update in.

The new store will be opening with the first run of the Messenger, and should be up by the end of the week. Look forward to an update in the next few days.

elpanteradesexual: Hey Volante! I was part of the first kestrel run, I accidentally messed with my shipping info a few days back, and I know you gave the ETA of the 20th, but my order still shows "processing". Just wondering if I messed up the order somehow or if it'll be here soon? Thanks!

Shipping the Kestrel run is proving to be a more difficult task than originally projected. There are 56 different possible variations between size, cut, color, so organizing is very time consuming. The short of it is, they haven’t started shipping yet. The post I made last week was based on a promise from the manufacturer that was not kept. 

As soon as the jackets have shipped we will be sending out a mass email to every customer who ordered a Kestrel, letting you know it has been shipped. Tracking numbers will not be provided automatically, but we will be able to provide them individually upon request once they have shipped. The reason for this is that the fulfillment facility is focusing on organizing and shipping out orders, and sending tracking numbers to each customer will slow them down excessively. We’d prefer to get them out the door and answer requests for tracking numbers in the interest of time.

 This whole process has been quite the learning curve, and we are grateful with your patience, and promise a much smoother process with the 2nd run, and beyond.

This just in: our contact at the manufacturer just sent this picture taken from his phone. The Kestrels are being boxed as I write this post. We’re super excited to have these finally moving out the door.

This just in: our contact at the manufacturer just sent this picture taken from his phone. The Kestrels are being boxed as I write this post. We’re super excited to have these finally moving out the door.

Here’s an updated sketch of the Osprey design, and a picture of the prototype that appeared at DragonCon a few weeks back.

Sorry for the somewhat low quality photo. There are still a few elements of the design that are in flux, but as soon as we’ve properly nailed down the final design there will be higher quality images, with details shots, etc. In the meantime, consider this a teaser.

Hope you like it!