The Harrier color schemes.

We asked what you folks would like to see yesterday, and while made note of it. We probably have enough color schemes for the Harrier for 3 runs already. For the first run, here’s what we’ve chosen:

  • Obsidian: Black/Charcoal with grey thread.
  • Masyaf Steel: Sapphire/Dark Red with Charcoal thread [Inspired by Arnoud from AC Unity]
  • Orleans Bleu: Sapphire/Rawhide with Navy thread.
  • Trickster: Black/Emerald with Gold thread [inspired by Marvel’s Loki]

The Harrier will be available for pre-order today, right here at

fuzzyhairedweirdo: For the new harrier, will there be a version with the three flap button down cuff and the double layered tail? I really like those aspects of the coat as it differentiated it nicely from the Eagle i already have and would like to get one of these if so :). Also are the hood and long tail removable? Thank you, Carl

The double layered tail was not as successful at I had hoped it would be, and the cuff flap just got in the way, so both were nixed from the design. Instead the tail is a vented tail, so the two layers overlap, as opposed to the Eagle, which is a split tail.

As for the removable tail, it turns out that if we were to do that, the pockets would have been less than 2 inches deep, rendering them useless even for carrying business cards. 

The hood on this design was never going to be removable, which was a big point of confusion in the first post about it. I said the cowl would be removable, referring specifically to what is now called the Pinion. The hood is built in like a collar on design, making it very sleek and streamlined, and helping to keep the cost down.

Hope this helps to clarify the Harrier design as it has progressed. We love to show our early sketches, but the problem that often comes up when we show early designs and then nix an element that people like for practical or logistical reasons. We don’t intend to disappoint, or water down our designs. Trust that when designs change it is generally for the best.

Speaking of the Harrier, it looks like we’ll be launching sometime in the next half hour. We won’t have all of the color schemes prototyped, or even a photo of the women’s version, but there will be mockups of the colors, and we’ll be adding pictures over the next couple of weeks. We are launching with so little because we want to make sure they are shipping before the fall. 



Teaser: The Harrier

We’ve been spending a lot of time this week working on a new design, the Harrier.
Here are some sneak peaks of the Obsidian color scheme. I’ve been wearing mine for a few days and I have to say, it’s great. The sleeve design is completely new, and designed to allow for a much greater range of motion than any of our previous designs and the cut-away tails are really practical for walking around, getting to my pockets, etc.

Oh, we hope to launch pre-orders pretty soon so stay tuned!

We have a few ideas for new color schemes, but we’d love to hear your thoughts. What colors would you like to see this jacket in?

Teaser 2: The Pinion

This time showcased with the Harrier prototype, which we’ll be posting more about tomorrow. As you can see, the Pinion has a button hole hidden and protected by a top layer of material. With this buttonhole it can be attached to the Harrier and the Eagle easily, and any of our other jackets just by adding a couple of buttons to your jacket. 

This is the second prototype of the Pinion [the first was shown off last week in the first teaser]. This version is just slightly longer, and minor adjustments have been made. It’s built naturally wider than our jackets, so it is comfortable to wear over any of our jackets. We’ve just got a few minor tweaks in mind and it will be ready for production.

If all goes well we should be able to have a soft launch [meaning with limited photos] of both the Pinion and the Harrier by the end of the week. Look forward to it.

Just a reminder, our Birthday Sale is ending at the end of the day tomorrow! 

Dear followers and website visitors,

Unfortunately, we are going to have to postpone the first run of the Demon Killer, as we have not reached a minimum number of orders to get it produced. We have bought the fabric, the zippers, have worked out all the details of the pattern in each size. We are ready to go! 

If you’d like to see it become a reality, please share it around. We just need a few more orders to make it happen. Check out the Demon Killer right here: 

You may not know that it is also now available in Eclipse (black with silver thread) for the subtler among you. 

Thanks for reading!


The website is up and running again. Please let us know if you notice any other problems!

Thanks for your patience,

Volante Design

Conveniently, this Benefactor shared similar measurements to my own, so we were able to take some pictures before sending it out. Inspired by the player character in Gods Eater Burst 2 [3rd from the left] with a heavy emphasis on making it a more practical blazer-type jacket. 

This one held a lot of new concepts within it, like the straps around the side. They are purely cosmetic, but give the jacket a nice feel in my opinion. It was also my first time working with surgeon cuffs and a jacket vent [at least since founding the company] and I was very pleased with the end result.

The customer is happy, that’s good enough for me. Would you like to see a blazer added to our collection?

The Jackdaw now available!

Today Volante Design, Inc. turns 1 year old!

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been having a big birthday sale, which is still up until the end of of April.

Now on to the matter at hand:

We are pleased to add a lighter item to our Birds of Prey collection. We set out to make a zip-up hoodie that was made in the US, for daily wear, that would be comfortable and look great. 

What we’ve developed is a comfortable, yet distinguished sweatshirt that fits into the Birds of Prey look. It is 100% cotton, prewashed, preshrunk, and made to last.

It is ideal for breezy summer nights, fresh spring days, and as an under-layer during cooler months.

Go check it out, at $95 it is our most affordable piece of clothing yet, and well worth it.

You can pre-order yours now at 

We may have gone a little overboard listing the features of this sweatshirt on the product page, but what can I say, we’re proud of this hoodie.

With this release we are adding a new size to our selection, 3XL. 

timetravelleretc: I was recently browsing assassin's creed jackets on etsy, and happened to find one that was being shown with pictures from a run you did back in September 2012. So naturally I was wondering, are these actually anything to do with you, or are they a cheaper knock off just being sold under your images? Also, if the Harrier coat is released for pre-order by the end of April, will it be part of the sale too? Thanks.

The Harrier will go on a brief sale when it is released, but I am not certain it will make the end of April. I am working hard on the prototypes, but I want to be certain it gets as much attention to design as our other products.

As for the knock offs, there are loads of them, all over the place. They are invariably terrible, as some of our customers have attested on our FB page and in reviews on our shop. If you want an idea of what the knock-offs look like in comparison with photos of the first Kenway prototypem take a look at this post:

Keep in mind that prototype was made before I owned an industrial sewing machine, or pattern design software, and I was still running the business out of a 7’x9’ spare bedroom.

After we first posted the Cyborg Ronin sketch we got a bunch of requests for what it would look like as full cyborg, so I did a quick photoshop job and made a full cyborg and no cyborg version. 

So, do you like it?

TEASER: The Pinion Mantle [working title]

This new product will be released alongside the Harrier, but as a separate product and part of the Gear collection. It’s designed to be natively compatible with both the upcoming Harrier design, and our Eagle [shown above], attaching to the front buttons—but it will also be wearable with any of our other designs, details to come.

It is made from high quality waxed canvas, making it completely waterproof, and the perfect addition to your jacket, whether you’re on the high seas, or just walking to work in the rain.

Download the image as a wallpaper to remind you of awesome things to come. [Original background can be found here]

Gilded 17” Messengers now available for pre-order!

That is to say, these 4 new color schemes, 3 of which are gilded with a rich thread [the same used in our Gilded Onyx Eagle] are up for pre-order. We’ve officially run out of 17” bags, and thought it was high time to restock.

Pre-order now to take advantage of our 1-Year-Old Sale of 15% off. These bags will ship in early June!

Check it out right here:

konataism: So, I was looking at your sizing chart and either im not measuring myself right or i'm slightly too big for even your biggest coat. I'm really wanting to get an eagle model but i dont know if i should, i've been losing weight recently but is there anything you could say in regards to how the sizing actually works? Most of my coats that I currently have are 2XL size (not including suits/overcoats) and they fit just fine.

Our sizing is somewhat different from basic standard sizing other companies use. Our medium is more or less accurate, but the extremity sizes don’t tend to correspond. We are actually rewroking our sizing system as I write this. As of the next released jacket, sizing will be named based on chest measurement, rather than the ambiguous S-M-L nomenclature. Additionally we are going to include a size up from our current largest, which will be another 2 inch step up.

We currently have a relatively full stock of the jackets we’ve released before now, including the Eagle, so it doesn’t look like we’ll do another run of those until maybe later this year, whenever it seems like we are running low. But we are releasing several new designs in the next few months, and maybe there will be something in those that suits your fancy.

Hope this helps!


Shipping options slightly fixed..

For some reason our UPS calculator stopped working, so we’ve enabled flat rate shipping until we can get the problem fixed. Enjoy!


The Commodore.

This is an early prototype variation on the Eagle design. We’ve removed the tails and the hood and given it a new set of epaulettes, as well as a new accent to the back of the design. We’re still working on it and have a few ideas for further variation, but largely the concept was born from a great number of requests for a shorter version of the Eagle. What do you think?