When I said the site was up before, I meant to say that it is up now.

After spending all day trying to get the website to allow for customization of a product before checkout, we’ve decided to keep it simple. Made-to-order Kestrels can now be ordered from our online store as a simple product. Customization will be done via an external order form that will be sent after order confirmation. For the full scoop, check it out here.

After spending all day trying to get the website to allow for customization of a product before checkout, we’ve decided to keep it simple. Made-to-order Kestrels can now be ordered from our online store as a simple product. Customization will be done via an external order form that will be sent after order confirmation. For the full scoop, check it out here.

End of January Update:

Hello to all of our followers and to our mailing list! Thank you for being a part of the Volante Design network. Here is Easthampton, it is bitterly cold and beautifully clear. 
As we head into the end of our first year as a business we’d like to establish a new way to offer the chance for custom coats, one that is straightforward and manageable. Right now, we have ten Kestrels available on our site that can be fully customized. We will also be adding Falcons to the mix in the next few days. There are lots of great options to choose from and we hope to have fun making them.  As they get made and sent out, we will make more available. This way, we can continually sell custom jackets without being overloaded. All these jackets are made in our Easthampton studio. They can be our standard sizes or cut to fit your measurements.
Though we have a pretty full schedule of new designs and bespoke jackets in the next few months, if you are interested in signing up for one, don’t hesitate to email us and sign up for the mailing list. We will send out a mailer when we’re ready for more of that kind of work. 
There will be a sweepstakes for a custom version of a brand-new design: The Demon Killer. Check back for more details on that.
The current pre-orders are going well and are on schedule to be shipped by the end of March. We heard from you that you wanted more updates, so we will be sending messages and posting about shipping dates and completion any time there are changes. 
Our website is getting a facelift. Go take a look. We have some great new designs coming out in the next few months!

Folks seem to be noticing that the custom Kestrel raffle didn’t launch on Friday. There is good reason for this: we are revisiting the system for taking custom orders. The new system is currently being tested and should launch tomorrow (Monday) if all goes well. Look for a full update tomorrow.


2013: The Year in Review

What a year it has been. For those of you who are just joining us, the company started as a one-man show in 2011, but I/we didn’t really start taking regular orders until 2012. I drew a lot, making a few prototypes and a handful of sales.

Then, toward the end of 2012, we released the Kenway (now the Eagle). Our site exploded. We were inundated with orders, requests, followers, etc. It was way more than just one part-time helper and I could ever hope to handle. We kicked off 2013 with an indiegogo campaign, purchased high-end pattern software, and started rebuilding the entire foundation of the company.
I was a self-taught designer working out of my bedroom, but with a little help from co-workers and friends, I made Volante Design, Inc. The company now has Willow and me as its two owners, and by the end of the summer, four full-time employees: Alice, Andrew, Sarah, and Rachel. 

This is solid ground on which to improve. Those original Kenway orders from 2012 are finally closing, we have a working relationship with a Chicago manufacturer, and are learning the nuances of deadlines and production timeline estimates.

We know we have a few orders still outstanding and we are working hard to complete them. We apologize for mistakes made along the way.  Overall, it has been a really great year for us. We are extremely excited to have so many people interested in what we truly love doing. They make it possible for us to keep creating. It’s truly a blessing. 

2014: The Year in Preview

2013 was the year of setting groundwork and designing systems to support continuous growth and balance. Now we can play.

I feel like I haven’t drawn a single new design this year. It’s not quite true, but other things have taken center stage. I started this company out of a love for the craft of designing clothing. Now that the foundation is set and I’m surrounded by people who I trust to care for it, it’s time to dust off the drafting table and sketch, draw, and design.

We’ve got a load of ideas for new designs and products to add to the store. I’m going to be designing new things, as well as revisiting old designs from a new angle. We will be branching out from our Birds of Prey collection, though it isn’t finished. We plan to launch one, possibly two new collections this year. Normally a ‘collection’ by a given fashion company is a seasonal, finite concept. We see our collections as ever expanding and evolving. (For instance the Birds of Prey collection will be expanding beyond that specific moniker to include Corvidae, Carthatidae, etc).

We will make further announcement posts over the next few days, including a rough schedule of releases that will of course expand as the year progresses.



obtoosemoose: I like that you have started custom orders, but what I'm more interested in is some of your older designs and sketches that never went into production. What if you started a raffle, survey, or whatever concerning those sketches to help decide what to make next?

We have at least 4 new designs we are working on to release by April, possibly 5 or 6. We’ve considered doing a poll for what design we should develop next, but we always end up having a plan. We may do it in the future, but at this point I think you’ll really like what we are currently working on. Some old, some new.

Eagle Run 3.0!

We are excited to announce that the Revolutionary Eagle is available once again. The Gilded Onyx color scheme has returned as well, this time without the charcoal around the waist, by popular request.

We are also introducing two new color schemes for the Eagle:

The Turncoat - This color scheme features the same natural/off-white main color as the Revolutionary, but it has red accents instead of blue. Designed as a direct opposite for the Revolutionary.

The Sneaking Suit - For a more covert look that isn’t quite covered by the somewhat foreboding Eclipse color scheme, we chose a dark grey for the main color with black accents.

The Eagle, Run 3.0, Available for pre-order now at a 10% discount until January 1st, only at volantedesign.us

Kestrel, Run 3.0

We are now taking pre-orders on the next run of the Kestrel! These are the new colors. To get the pre-orders going we’ve marked them down 15% until next week at this time.

Check them out at Volantedesign.us

Happy Holidays!

Volante Design is ready to take on new custom orders!

We have learned a lot about custom work this year. In the past, the team took on every custom order that came our way. Eventually order volume grew to the point that we were not equipped for the number of requests that we received! Since then, we have developed a process for getting custom jackets completed on schedule and we are ready to put it into action.

  • The process?

We will be randomly selecting a few people each month or so to get a custom-made jacket. The number of orders we take will be small at first, but once we have the kinks worked out of the system that number will grow. Every month, there will be a raffle where you can enter your name into the selection pool. Every raffle will be different, with a specific jacket up for custom sizing and colors. When the time is up, a few lucky winners will be chosen. Then we will get in touch to discuss the details of color, customization, and sizing. The price will vary depending on what jacket we are making and the level of customization that you desire.

  • Why a raffle?

We think a first come, first served queue would be unfair. We don’t expect you to be sitting at your computer mashing the F5 key every time we start accepting new custom orders. We figured a raffle would be more balanced, allowing newcomers and old friends a chance to be selected. Don’t worry if you aren’t selected or you miss the submission deadline, the raffles will last a few days and there will be a new one each month or so.

  • The Falcon

The first jacket we are offering for customization will be the Falcon, and the raffle is currently open and will close on Dec 31 at 11:59PM EDT. Enter the raffle now at: http://www.volantedesign.us/custom/

Once you enter your name, you will receive an email with two links, be sure to click both links and follow the instructions. It can take up to 20 minutes for the email to appear.

A custom Falcon could be coming your way soon!


The Volante Team

We’ve got a big week ahead of us, with the launch of Run 3.0 of the Eagle and Kestrel coming up, and shipping out all of the Run 1.5 and 2.0 orders up to now.

That means we’ve got a lot of jackets coming in soon, and we need to make some room. So, until Christmas, the Osprey is on sale for $280, which is $45 off full price. Get it now, before the last of them are gone!

Also on sale at 10% off until this Friday, Dec 20 at noon, the Falcon, Run 2.0. Get it Here!

The Falcon Run 2.0 is now live!

On Sale for a limited time only to kick off this new run. Get 10% off if you order by Friday, December 20th at noon EDT.

Check it out at: volantedesign.us

TEASER 3 - The Falcon, Run 2.0: Saint color scheme.

Whether you’re stalking in the shadows or cruising down the Stilwater streets, show your colors. We don’t usually go so far as to suggest accessories for our jackets, but here’s something that would go great with this jacket: link

Black main color, Royal Purple accents, with Silver thread.

The Falcon Run 2.0 will launch later today, look for an announcement post this afternoon right here at blog.volantedesign.us

We’ve been thinking…

How would you guys like it is whenever we launched a new run of a jacket there was a 10% sale to kick it off?

Like, perhaps it would last 3 days or so, no coupon codes, just a basic sale. Thoughts?

TEASER 2 - The Falcon, Run 2.0: Midnight color scheme.

The silver stitches on this jacket are the constellations on a blue-on-blue midnight sky. Main color Navy, with Slate blue accents. Simple, elegant.

Only available at www.volantedesign.us.

TEASER - Falcon, Run 2.0: Sneaking Suit color scheme.

Kept you waiting, huh? This color scheme is designed especially for covert missions. Discrete but stylish, the main color is gunmetal grey (a shade lighter than charcoal), and it sports black accents and thread.

Coming soon to www.volantedesign.us.