This one stars the Harrier jacket in Masyaf Steel colors. It also introduces a Video Contest. Enter for the chance to win a free jacket of your choice!

In other news, Here’s a revised release schedule:

Unfortunately, we have some scheduling updates. One of our manufacturer’s machines broke down, which means that the Harrier and Pinion will be about 2 weeks late. The Jackdaw will be about 3 weeks late and the Demon killer will be a few days late. 

The Demon Killers are in the mail to us from the manufacturer today, so they will ship by the 25th of July at the very latest but most likely will ship by Wednesday next week.

The Harrier and Pinion will ship by August 8th at the latest.

Jackdaws will ship by the 20th of August at the latest.

Again these dates are late estimates, and hopefully we can ship them earlier. Thank you for your patience regarding this issue. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch with us at

The Washington is now available for preorder!

Inspired by the United States’ first commander-in-chief, the Washington hopes to inspire great purpose in its wearer. Fittingly, it is first in the Ancestors collection, soon to be joined by other figures from the past. This stately jacket can be worn as a single layer or as an outer shell in the cooler months, perfect for leading a long campaign or just a short mission to the store. Take command of your life in the Washington.

Color schemes shown:

Night’s Watch - black body with navy accents, black thread, and black flat metal buttons

- Freemason - navy body with rawhide accents, charcoal thread, and black flat metal buttons

Pre-order here:

If you like the Washington, please share it around! 

The Washington.

I feel like we’ve been offhandedly mentioning the Washington for months without ever having posted images of it. This design was first prototyped mere days after I completed the first Kenway prototype. They were originally intended to be released together, but the Kenway’s explosive popularity made it impossible, and so it fell by the wayside.

Daniel has been wearing it ever since, being the soul owner of a Washington jacket, Last year at NYCC we received countless inquiries about it, and we knew that it was time to bring it to full fruition.

And with that, we present to you the Washington in two of the four color schemes it will be available in it’s first run. It will be available for preorder starting tomorrow afternoon (July 17).

Color schemes shown are:

- Commander in Chief: Navy with Light Gold accents and Gold thread.

- Minuteman: Rawhide with Gunmetal accents and Gold thread. 

More updates to come tomorrow!

Presenting: The Ninja; In Motion

The main goal of this video is to show how the Ninja fits and moves with your every action. One of the early questions that came up when we decided to use magnets for the closure of the jacket was, “Will they be strong enough to withstand heavy activity?”

We think this video will answer that question adequately.

Beyond that we were able to learn a lot from making this commercial, as well as identify a few minor imperfections in the design which we will be able to alter and implement in the final product. 

Thanks to Justin Carney for offering his incredible talent and skill, and for suffering through 80+ degree weather in sweatshirt and black jeans. 

We had a lot of fun filming, and look forward to teaming up again for future In Motion videos.


Sneak Peak: The Ninja w/ Shinobi Vest

This is the first prototype of the Shinobi vest from our original post of the Ninja concept art. It still has a ways to go before it is ready for production, but we’re extremely pleased with how this sample came out. 

This is the short collar version of the Shinobi, and we decided to make the total length for this version closer to the length of a waistcoat, where we are going to experiment with the tall collar Shinobi at a longer length; closer to halfway between the short and long Ninjas. This way they will serve different purposes, with the long Shinobi being more like a sleeveless jacket.

I’m sure it will be much easier to explain when we have a prototype complete, so until then, enjoy these photos and know there’s more to look forward to.

The Ninja is available for pre-order here:

Introducing Volante Design: In Motion

This video marks the first of our In Motion series, and is meant as a general introduction to Volante Design. 

We technically released our first video over a year ago with the launch of the Kestrel, but this is something new; we now have our own equipment and will be making videos for products as they release, as well as retroactively making videos for products release since the Kestrel.

We think an important part of our designs is how they look not only in a still photograph but how they move and feel in a real environment, and we think you’ll enjoy this new facet of Volante Design.

Subscribe to our youtube channel to receive regular updates as we post new videos: VolanteDesign



PS: We filmed this as the summer was just starting and that water was COLD! Also check out that dragonfly at 0:10.

inf3rno25: I'm absolutely in love with the ninja pictures, and I was just wondering how long it'll be before we see the longer tailed version, the 2 shinobi upgrades, and also the samurai/shogun sketches. Looking forward to seeing what's coming. I'm a huge fan lol. I've been following volante design since before the original kenway even came out lol. It's amazing to see where you guys have gone, and I wish you luck for the future.

We are still working on everything you have mentioned. The short answer is: they are not quite ready for production, but they will be awesome when they are ready.

I finished the first prototype of the short collar Shinobi last night and we intend to include it in the Ninja video we’ll be posting next week. I am extremely pleased with how it is progressing so far, and the second prototype will be even better.

I have a few ideas for the tall collar Shinobi that will differentiate it even further, while still keeping the same feeling, and I will be working on that in the weeks to come.

We also are working on the long Ninja, which we are considering producing in a different material from the short Ninja, since a mid-thigh length sweatshirt is a questionable choice at best. This would also give it a different practical purpose from the short Ninja, while following the same style.

The Samurai and Shogun is an entirely different design and we have been so busy focusing one everything we are currently releasing that it has been difficult to devote the necessary time and energy to developing the form of the designs. The functions are unlike anything we’ve made to date, and we want that to be reflected in the style of the coats as well. I am very excited about the concept and hope you will love it too, when it’s ready.

Now Available: The Ninja!

Become a master of espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and all other covert operations! Don the Ninja and join the ranks of this ancient and iconic class of spies. This breathable hoodie sports a single layer shell made of sweatshirt fleece and side panels that are made of stretch knit, allowing for a comfortable fit for any body type.  Hidden magnets line the hood’s partial mask and torso closure, enabling the swift cloaking expected of any ninja-inspired attire and hold together tightly even in situations involving rigorous movement.

It is ideal for breezy summer nights, fresh spring days, and as an under-layer during cooler months.

For more information on features, and to pre-order your Ninja today check out the product page:

Ninja Mask

Preview: The Ninja in Smokescreen color scheme.

Introducing Volante Design’s Unifit cut. Unlike our other garments to date, the Ninja will be made in a single cut that is designed based on our existing size charts that will fit people of all genders. 

We call this cut Unifit as opposed to “unisex” because the term unisex as it is currently defined is a shape that is designed to be suitable for both sexes, and suitable just doesn’t cut it for us. 

The Ninja will be available in 10 sizes that will cover the measurements of our XS women’s to our 3XL men’s sizes, with some overlap in the middle. This is made possible by the side panels of the Ninja being entirely a stretch cotton. In the photos above Willow is wearing a ninja of the same cut as Enzo, albeit two unifit sizes smaller.

We are aiming to launch pre-orders for the Ninja tomorrow, July 2nd, with two additional color schemes.

Until then, stay awesome.

UPDATE: For more information on features, and to pre-order your Ninja today check out the product page:

Teaser #2: The Ninja in Black Garnet and Eclipse color schemes.

We showed off the first images of the Eclipse color scheme earlier this week, and now we have more, as well as the second color scheme the Ninja will be available in in it’s first run.

A few questions were raised when we posted the first images, and we’d like to answer them as best as possible:

- The fabric blend will not be so much of a blend as 100% cotton. The prototypes are made from a variety of fabrics, and not the fabric they’ll be produced with [since that will be a custom knit]

- All of the fabric will be pre-washed and shrunk, which means that like the Jackdaw, the Ninja will be completely machine washable.

- And on sizing: the Ninja will be available for people of all genders, in our usual sizing.

On Monday we’ll have the next one ready to show you, look forward to it; it’s a completely new color scheme that we think you’ll really love.

That’s it for today, have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the premier of Korra: Book 3!


Volante Design Crew

PS: The Black Garnet shown has grey thread, but the final version will have red thread, as per the standard Black Garnet color scheme.

jollybatman: Hello there, the ninja jacket looks fantastic! I was wondering if it would be available with the old toggles on the front to close the flap and whether you would also be making the jedi version as well? Thank you for your time.

The Jedi inspired design will be a completely separate product, since it will not be made of sweatshirt material. We probably also won’t be able to release it until closer to 2015.

As for the toggles, we are not intending to use the toggles since they did not work as they were drawn. The side panels are a stretch material, so the toggles pulled at the material and it did not look good. the magnets are a much better solution all around. I tried a few different configurations of each and the magnets don’t pull and are extremely stable. We may still use toggles for the Jedi, since it doesn’t use the same knit for the side panels.

Teaser #1: The Ninja.

We are extremely excited to start showing off the Ninja. This is the product of several months of design and prototyping, and we think it shows. The original design used toggles for the main closure, but we’ve since decided to go with magnets for both the main and mask closure points. Since the side panels are made from a stretchy knit, the hoodie is form fitting, but not restrictive, and the magnets have no problem holding. We’ll be posting more information, images, and videos over the next week and a half until it releases for pre-order on July 2nd.

So, what do you think, does it live up to your expectations?

The Eagle Run 1 is on clearance!

We are making room for new things, so we’re dropping the Run 1 Eagle price from $345 to $295; this is the lowest price it’s ever been!

What’s the difference between the Run 1 and later runs?

  • Run 1 Eagles have a grey waistband 
  • They’re very true to size, so basically the numbers on the sizing chart are the dimensions of the coat. You may want to add a few inches for comfort to fit into these coats.
  • They have a sturdy, matching hood lining that holds its shape well. 

Get yours today!

The Osprey with Pinion.

Took some photos of this pairing last weekend, thought you all might like to see how the Pinion works with a jacket it wasn’t built specifically for. Enjoy!

Gargoyle Printed Tee

This shirt design is of a famous gargoyle on a certain Parisian church. Do you recognize him?
We will continue doing t-shirt prints as they come in. The turn around is about 3 days to get your order sent out. The shipping on t-shirts is still free for US orders! 
For the next 7 days we are hosting a slightly late E3 Special. Order our Harrier [or have a cart subtotaling $320+] and receive a free hand-printed tee.
Use the coupon code E32014. [Offer ends June 17th]