Measurement Guide

When you measure yourself, you want the measurements to be as accurate as possible so it allows you to make garments that fits perfectly. There is a few simple rules to follow:  

1. Do not measure over heavy garments, the best is to take your measurements while you wear underwear only.

2. The measurements should match your body in a normal situation, do not pull your stomach in, hold your breath, or do anything that would alter your actual figure. You want to have accurate measures, not to impress anyone with false measurements.

3. Use a tape ruler (tape measurement). Make sure it is not too tight, and not too loose, it must fit perfectly around your skin.

4. It is best if you can get someone to help you take the measurements so that you do not bend awkwardly and sacrifice accuracy.

For the Men:

For the Ladies:

Shoulder width measurement guide:

Shoulder Shape: