How It All Works

I’ve had a lot of questions as to why my prices seem high, so I thought I might make a page to explain my process, and pricing concepts.

I run a one-man company. I do everything from the original sketch, to designing the pattern, buying fabric for each order, and cutting and sewing the garment. I offer custom fitting, working specifically to measurements provided by each customer, as well as custom fabric and color choice per order.

When you order a piece of clothing, I do everything I can to make sure you get exactly the garment that defines you. You are asked to provide a series of 15-20 measurements, which will be used to adjust the pattern so that I can ensure a perfect fit.

From there, I will give you the opportunity to choose which colors you would like your garment to be made in. In this step, you are encouraged to open your mind, think about which colors you like to wear, which colors might go well with your wardrobe. If you are an Assassin’s Creed fan, think of going to the Tailor, and which colors you might dye Ezio’s clothes. Otherwise, consider this:

My point is that your color choice is not limited to what color schemes I have already made, or how I colored my original sketches. The Saints Row themed jacket was a special request, and I love that it happened. I am always excited by the colors people choose, because it allows me to look at my own designs in an entirely new light.

Once those bases are established, I go to the fabric stores at my disposal, buy enough fabric in your desired color scheme for one jacket, and take that fabric to the laundromat, to ensure it has been preshrunk, and that the dye won’t run.

Then I will make your jacket, pack it, and ship it. Payment occurs through Paypal, before the garment is shipped. Paypal charges a fee of 2.9%, which for most of my garments is between $9-$15, but I include that in the price of the jacket.

I try to make each experience customized and individual, while still trying to keep my prices fair. Thanks for reading.

Enzo Volante